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    Group the measure value and present on stacked bards

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      Hello guys,


      I would like to ask for some help with my current work.

      My task is to create a stacked bars for a group for people rate them on the basis of one attribute. 1,2,3 is the ranking for persons in three months - red colour is for TOP 10 and the blue is for others. You can see what was created with manually changing colours below.


      But I want to simplyfi this and create additional measure value, that will distinguish TOP 10 from the other and group them automatically.

      Could you please suggest me any solution to my problem.


      Using Excell I would go with this formula:

      =AVERAGE(LARGE(TestScores,{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10})) for TOP 10



      Warm regards,


      Artur Mielniczek