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    How can I do a breakdown by month for the current year, and roll-up summary for the previous year?

    John Forr

      I have some standard transactional data that I want to summarize by month for everything in the current year, and then also have a single line summary for the previous year.  Below is a simple table of what I'd like to be able to generate.


      Month/YearTotal of AmountNumber of Records
      2012 Total5,000,000
      Jan 2013...
      Feb 2013...
      March 2013
      April 2013...
      May 2013
      June 2013
      July 2013
      August 2013
      September 2013
      October 2013


      What I'm doing right now is a calculation, which works to a degree, but I can't alias the date, 2012-01-01 to "2012 Total".



          YEAR([DATE_FIELD] ) < 2013