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    New to Tableau- question regarding stacked bar charts

    Chris Rhoades

      I have two fields that are measurements.  Field A is the total starting volume.  Field B is the remaining ending volume.  For example Field A would be one liter and Field B would be 250 mL.


      What I want to do is show a stacked bar chart showing the percent of whole used.  In this case I would show a stacked bar totaling 100% and show 75% utilized and 25% unutilized.


      How do I get there?  I have tried creating a calculated field for utilization where it = 1-Field B/FieldA.  It gets me the correct 75% utilization and I can make a bar chart with it showing 75%.  What I can't do is have the remaining 25% show as stacked on top.


      I appreciate everyone's help.