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    SAP BW and Tableau, Data blending filter, and performance

    Daniel Jung



      We have reports in Tableau that connect to a SAP BW.

      As far as I am aware of, Tableau cannot send a parameter or variable to the BW query.

      As we have sensitive data, we do not want all users to see all the data. In the BW query you could filter the data when retrieving it.

      In Tableau, in order to get around that problem, we blend the data from the BW query with a MySQL table, containing the permissions.

      And then do a USERNAME filter.


      The problem is, that the performance is bad, because you have to retrieve all the data from the BW query, then blend it, and then filter it.

      If the connection to the SAP BW could accept parameter/variables, such as the USERNAME, this would perform much better, because you do not have to retrieve all the data.


      A way around that would be to create a BW query for every user, and then a report for every query. But with >1000 users, this is not really feasible.


      Is anyone else running into these problems? or has a different solution?


      Thanks a lot


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          Dave Bucher

          Daniel, I am assessing the use of Tableau on top of SAP BW and quickly identified this as a pretty major issue.  Were you able to get around this with any easier solution?  I am using desktop 8.2 beta, but it seems to have this limitation too.


          Off the top of my head, SAP BW based solutions I can think of would be a user exit variable, so you could create say a DSO that held User ID and the value(s) for a the characteristic you wanted to limit, or perhaps an authorization variable.  I just created a similar question as I really just want to prompt the user first or provide a value from Sugar CRM, which we would like to integrate if possible.



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            Daniel Jung

            Hi Dave


            For now, that is the best solution. For not too detailed analyses, it actually works quite fast.

            In the SAP BW we have everything configured and worked out, but of course we cannot access the Permissions from Tableau. Also if you use Datablending, the second datasource cannot be a Cube as well, so we need to export this information to Oracle/mysql.

            After talking to tableau, they mentioned that this might be in cards somewhen.

            On the other hand, they mentioned that with Kerberos, which might be implemented soon, this question might be obsolete, because once you are authenticated, the ticket will contain the user information.

            As it is now, we have setup SSO from the SAP Portal to the Tableau Server, but for the Tableau Server to the SAP BW communication, we use a embedded password. So that reports are "Single Sign on".

            So I am looking forward to the future of SAP BW and Tableau.