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    Javascript API select text

    GR Yannacoulias

      I am using Tableau 8 and the JS API.

      I load a view into an HTML page, when a user clicks on a row, I want the JS API to collect some information about that row.  The Tutorials on Tableau JS API Support page have made this pretty easy, using the Marks Class and these chained methods: marksEvent.getMarksAsync().then(reportSelectedMarks);

      My problem is that my view does not have any marks.  It is basically a list of dimensions.

      If I add a measure to the view, then my code works but I don't want any measures in this view.

      Is there a class which will allow me to listen for click events on row of dimensions with no marks?


      I have illustrated the view below- with the data I actually want highlighted in yellow, and the data which I have added to test the Marks class in Green.  The portion which is green works fine, but I wish to have the same functionality with only the data highlighted in yellow.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

      tableau example.jpg