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    Parameters not updating after refreshing extracts

    Young Song



         Has anyone had experienced a case where you refresh your data extract and for some reason, the parameters don't get updated?  I have a workbook that uses a database located in a central server in my workplace.  I am using DATETIME-based field as basis of my parameter.  More specifically, I created a parameter based on this DATETIME, such that it uses the list of all available dates listed in this field.  When I refresh the data extract though, everything else updates, except for the parameter (i.e. I don't see the new set of dates in the list of dates to be used in the parameter).  I would much appreciate any solution to this issue.  Thanks in advance.




      P.S.  I am running Tableau 8.0 in Windows XP.  I am afraid I won't be able to attach the workbook with this post, due to confidentiality issue with the data that the workbook contains.  Thank you for understanding.