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    Problems with hierarchies & cascading dashboards

    Ravikanth Arikatla Venkata



      I have a data table with a 3 level hierarchy in the main dashboard where I want to display only the names (which can be clicked to navigate to the other dashboard) and want to use their respective ID’s to connect to other dashboard in the background. Here I faced couple of issues.


      1.) Tableau is allowing only the fields that are displayed to be used for connecting one dashboard to another. So I am unable to use ID's as a connection between dashboards without displaying them.


      Because of this, I compromised and OK with displaying the ID's, but I faced another issue.


      2.) I am unable to add ID columns to the hierarchy at the same level [members that are at equal distance from the root] as their respective name columns. So it is creating a new level if I add an ID column to the hierarchy, which I don't want. If I display ID column in the table separately [as not part of hierarchy] then it is displaying all the rows by default irrespective of my actions on hierarchy.


      So I would like to know if there is any way to add ID columns in the same level of hierarchy as their name columns. If that's not possible then, to have ID columns separately and still display them only when hierarchy is drilled down.


      Thanks in advance !!