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    Dual axis mapping (symbol & filled) using multiple data sets

    Ethan Hirsch

      Hello --


      I’m attempting to create a combined filled +  symbol map using two separate data sets (i.e. placing the locations on top of the symbol map):


      1. total demand per county (as a filled map):


      2. Locations


      However, attempting to use the dual axis method to overlay the locations, the latitude / longitude of the locations is suddenly muted, appearing as such:


      1-16-2014 6-11-05 PM.png


      I've acquired the latitude/longitude manually to try and overt this issue to no avail. I've also tried various linking / joining methods for the two data sets unsuccessfully.


      I'm hoping there is a relatively simple reason for this issue. I've attached a cleaned, simplified version of the two data sets to this note for reference.


      Appreciate it!!