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    box plot


      I created a box plot, but how can I show the data labels for min, max, median, 25% and 75%. I was able to figure out how to show the min and max. Thanks!

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          Matt Lutton

          Are you on version 8.1 or another version?


          If you can post a sample packaged workbook example (.twbx), I'd be happy to take a look.

          Please see: http://community.tableau.com/docs/DOC-5065

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            Phillip Burger

            In box plots I would generally not attempt to label min, max, median, 25% and 75%. Assuming your categories are on the x-axis and values on the y-axis, I'd rely on grid lines on the y-axis at the tick marks as cues for the user. The gird lines for the y-axis are in Axis format > Rows > Lines > Grid Lines.


            I'd probably rely on a tooltip, or on an annotation or mark for a small number of critical values or outliers.


            If adding labels after all for these values would provide the best visual experience for the customer, please post a workbook with sample data. I clicked "Follow" and will check back to the thread. :-)

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              Matt Lutton

              I agree with Phillip in that I would probably use a Tooltip to display these figures, if it were me, and the data is needed in the view.


              To do so, you'd just place calculated fields that represent those figures onto the Level of Detail or Tooltip shelf and format the tooltip accordingly.  More info on that here: http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/editing-tooltips

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                PERRI MA

                Thanks, I posted the workbook, I just used Tableau's built-in database for the demo purpose. In my case, I am sending off the PDF to the end users and tool tips only work when they can interact with the original work book right?


                Alternatively, can I make the tool tip stay on the screen rather than showing up when the mouse is hovering over?



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                  Matt Lutton

                  Yes, tooltips only work when interacting.


                  You cannot make the tooltip stay on the screen.  However, another approach would be to build a crosstab with the values you want, and display it below the chart or on another tab.  I'd use that approach if Tableau Reader is going to be used for consumption.

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                    PERRI MA

                    @ Mattew -


                    When I click "create a duplicated sheet as cross tab", it gave me all the numbers not just the five number summary. Did I do something wrong?



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                      Matt Lutton

                      You're going to have to build the crosstab yourself.  Currently, you do not have "measure values" for the median, upper whisker, lower whisker, etc.  If you want to use measure values, you'll have to create calculated fields for each of those measures.  That may take a bit of work, but someone should be able to help (I'm out the door in a few minutes).


                      Oddly, Tableau calculates those values and displays them in the tooltip for a box and whisker plot automatically--but we don't have a way to refer to them in any other way without first creating calculations for each.  It sure would be nice to be able to reference those explicitly in other ways. Might make another good one for the Ideas section.

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                        Phillip Burger

                        Annotations work well with PDFs. The attached PDF is an example. Each of mark, point, and area annotations are included and identified in the text of the annotation.