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    Tableau Server: viewer license not enough to access published datasource

    Casper Nieuwenhuizen

      Hi all,


      I am having the following problem:


      I have published a datasource to the Tableau server and want users to view the reports build by our power user on this data source. I don't need them to interact with the reports so my assumption was that giving them the viewer license should be enough. However, when they try to access a report they get the error that they are not allowed to connect to the (published) data source. Is this correct behavior, why are they not allowed to connect to the data source when they should be allowed to view reports stored on tableau server according to the license description? I even read that a workaround to this behaviour is to not use a published data source but a regular data source but I want to provide the power users with a decent base on which they can build visualization instead of them having to connect to SQL servers themselves everytime. It is important they connect to a published datasource.


      we are using tableau server 8.0 and use authentication based on active directory, i have added the users that should view the reports already.


      Thanks in advance for all suggestions/fixes