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    filter by revenue (top customers) then subtotal calculation

    Mia LEE


      This is my first question in tableau community Hope to learn a lot from you guys.


      My question is fairly simple, i am trying to

      1. order my customers (CorpAsso) by their revenue. (I used index function to do so)

      2. filter only top 10 customers (CorpAsso)

      3. calculate their subtotal by column.


      but it only lets me to do one or the other (filtering or subtotal). i guess having index (discrete dimension) in column could be an issue but if i throw out index measure, it gives me ALL the customers(corpAsso) with blank values...but i don't know how to fix it. i have created a calculate field, calculating the subtotal, but it only returns null value. any suggestions?




      Thank you in advance Hope you have a good day!