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    Can I make a calculated field a quickfilter that applies to all worksheets on dashboard?

    Valeria Fajardo

      Hello all,

      I'm a new Tableau user and working to meet a deadline on a few dashboards. I want to create a dashboard that allows a user to view several bar chart distributions that can simultaneously be filtered on a state, to change the view from one state to another. I also wanted to retain a reference line that was not a victim of the filter, to keep the overall National or Regional distributions as context. By following another thread on this forum (which I can't find now), I was able to create a workaround and created a calculated field called "Select a State", which, paired with another calculated field using the Window average function, worked for me! My only problem is that now when I go to merge these worksheets into the dashboard, the calculated field of state seems to only apply to each individual bar chart, and I'm not given the option to apply to all worksheets on the dashboard. If I use my original 'state' variable, this does not work to filter the data, either.



      I have constructed a sample dataset of fake data, two worksheets and a dashboard to illustrate the problem. Can anyone help me?

      Thanks so much!