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    Blending error between two server data sources (extracts)

    Ben Sullins

      I have a strange error here that works with the connection living inside the workbook versus on the server. I have 2 data sources:

      • Bugzilla IT Team Mapping
        • Extract living on server containing reporting hierarchy of bugs. This is joined to the other data set on 2 dimensions and returns the 'team' that is associated.
      • Bugs History
        • This is a historical snapshot of our bugzilla database. We essentially take a picture of the current state of every bug every day and memorialize this for trending analysis.
        • There is a calculated field with the definition of "countd(bug_id)" which gives us a distinct bug count over whatever time slice we choose.


      When Bugs History is a live connection to Vertica living inside my workbook all is well. When I then published this to server as an extract, then tried to blend it with the first data set I get this error:2013-10-15_15-03-01.png - Ben-Sullins's library


      "Cannot blend the secondary data source because one or more fields use an unsupported aggregation."