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    How to sort dimensions accoriding to the latest date, when date wise parameter control is enabled ?

    lijin dev

      Hi All


      Im   showing data for last two days  with a parameter control to change the date.  And the dimension used is top devices according to the value . The top devices may vary day to day and thus it creates a problem in sorting and creates unnecessary gaps in the tabular column that I created .


      Aim :

      need to show the latest date at the left side, and next t it the previous date.


      I want the dimension ie product to get sorted according to the latest date selected by the user (Top 15 I need to show ) . So in that manner the latest date column wont be having any blanks


      Attached is a sample tableau file which would be helpful to communicate my need. The sheet shows blanks at the left most column (the latest date selected) which I don't want . It should be a comparison based on the latest date selected so the top 15 products according to Value should be populated in the table