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    Custom Define Row Total

    Vania Turner

      Hi all,


      I have 3 columns in a table as follows:


      Column A: Year A Revenue

      Column B: Year B Revenue

      Column C: Year B's Percentages on Contracts awarded


      Column C refers to percentages of contracts awarded, e.g. 25% of project A, 10% of project C, etc.


      When adding all subtotals (Analysis, Totals, Add All SubTotals) , there is no point in "sub totaling" column C as this is meaningless. I end up with with garbage values such as 220%, etc.


      I need a kind of filter that would enable me to filter on subtotals, if subtotal <= 100%.


      Alternatively exclude Column C from the Subtotal operations or create a kind of custom subtotal calculation. None of which I've been able to do.


      Any ideas ??