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    Action filter on dual axis chart

    Caleb Smith

      I'm trying to create a dashboard, the interactivity of which is controlled via dual axis chart. This chart shows the total active projects for a given year as well as projects initially approved for the same period. What I want to happen is for a user to click on a mark in this dual axis chart and to then see some details about the individual projects that make up the aggregate number they clicked on. E.g., I click on the "Initial" bar for 2007 and then see details about only the projects that were initially approved in 2007. If I click the "active" line for 2007, then I should see details about all active projects in 2007.


      The problem is that right now, regardless of whether I click on "initial" or "active", the details shown are for all active projects for a given period. I'm unable to make an action filter on the dashboard that will just show me details of the initially approved projects.


      Attached is an example workbook with some dummy data. Has anyone tried building action filters controlled by selections on a dual axis chart before?