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    Calculations with Aggregated Fields - Odds Ratio

    Craig Rudick

      I am trying to use two values from aggregated fields in a new calculation.  Specifically, I want to calculate an odds ratio from two aggregated proportions.


      In the example packaged workbook I have created the aggregated fields 'prop_regular_air' and 'odds_regular_air' which calculates the proportion and odds, respectively, that the Ship Mode is 'Regular Air' (odds is just basically just a different way of expressing a proportion).  I now want to find the ratio of two of these odds values.  In the example, the odds that an item is shipped by Regular Air in the East Region is 3.3387 if it is in the Technology Department and 2.5955 if it is Not Technology (note that I created a calculated field to recode the Departments).  I want the ratio of these two odds for each Region (i.e. 3.3387 / 2.5955= 1.2863 in the East).


      I've seen a few brief mentions that this kind of thing should be possible, but nothing clearly explaining the process.  Can anyone help?  And let me know if anything is unclear.