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    How to average multiple measures on a per-row basis, as a new calculated field

    John Bush

      Hello folks, hopefully a simple one here.

      I have a series of temperature readings over time, such as that shown below







      In my data, I do not have the TAvg column.  However, I need it to use as a new value (each temperature reading is not, by itself, significant), which I could then view along with any other measure, perform table calculations on, etc.  I could create this very easily via excel or as an additional calculated value with SQL, however it seems to me that this should be easy to do in Tableau.  But, I cannot seem to create this calculated field. As a slightly complicating factor, some of the readings are NULL for some time steps, so I can't simply sum and divide by 3.


      Again - all I want to do is add an additional column to my imported data, which is a calculation across other columns. 


      Is there a good method for this?