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    Is there a way to combine a primary data source field with a secondary data source field for a label?

    Jordan Nielson

      I've got a simple situation where I want to graph Hours by Code from my primary data source.  I also have a secondary data source which includes a Description for most (but not all) of the Codes.  I want to label the data using both the Code and the Description if there is one (ie. "Code - Description").  But I can't seem to make this work because when I try something like:

      IF ISNULL([SecondaryDataSource].[Description]) THEN [Code] ELSE [Code] + “ – “ + [SecondaryDataSource].[Description] END

      Tableau complains that I must aggregate values on the secondary data source.  And then if I do (using "ATTR"), it says I can't combine aggregate and non-aggregate fields.


      I've attached a screenshot showing sample data and what I'm trying to achieve. Is there a way to combine these?