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    Tableau Error while connecting to  SQL server stored procedure

    INDy poo



      Tableau has a limitation with Stored procedure with multiple result sets so  we have break up the stored procedures from the nested stored procedure due to limitation and we are trying to connect the individual stored procedures to Tableau.


      Among them some of the stored procedures not connecting to Tableau with even the single result set and though they are working correctly in the SQL server db.


      Attached is the screen shot of the error when connecting the stored procedures to Tableau.


      Ex: In the SQL server data base we are giving the parameter value as 8 for all the stored procedures and all are working fine. But In Tableau when connecting  the same stored procedures with parameter value 8, some are connecting  and some are not(but when we entered >8 value it is connecting to store procedure but not displaying any result in Tableau, just simply connecting. Not sure why this peculiar behavior of Tableau.



      Please suggest us why only some of the stored procedures connecting  and some not to Tableau though they all working perfectly in SQL server database.