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    Adding days to a filter automatically with parameters?

    Craig Sartor

      Hey everyone!


      I am trying to create a VPL analysis of some data (value per lead).  Basically,  I have figured out how much our leads are worth the day that they sign up.  What I want to do is be able to see how much those leads are worth X days after their initial opt-in.


      I was thinking maybe using a parameter would work, but I don't have it set up right.  Right now my parameter is an integer, and I'm using the following calculated field as a filter:




      [Date] being the parameter


      So this allows me to type in 1, 2, 3, 4 or whatever other number into the parameter control and it will show me that specific day after my anchored date.  What I want is for it show ALL the days after, so 1 would be the current anchor date AND the day after, 2 would be the current anchor date and both days after etc.


      That is the first problem i'm trying to solve.  The second is how to only show information for people with that specific anchor date.  So I want to show users that would have a anchor date of 06/15/2013, and if the parameter is set to 0, it would show just info for that day.  If its set for 5, I would want to show 06/15/2013 opt-ins, but all purchases made for these users 5 days after that specific date.  I know it may be confusing but any help would be very much appreciated.  Maybe theres a better way of doing this?  Right now each row contains the users opt in date, and how many days after their opt-in they purchased a product, so for example someone would have an integer value under product_field to 34, to show they purchased 34 days after opt-in.