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    Assistance with Custom Value List Filter Missing Short Articles


      Hello All,


      Looking for a little bit of assistance to a small issue I've encountered.  I'm looking to filter a table based on a list of defined Article ID numbers I have in Excel.  The Article ID field from the data source (ODBC) is 13 digits in length, although the article IDs are anywhere from 7 characters to 13 characters long.


      The filter seems to work fine to pull records that have 13 digit Article IDs, but when the Article ID is less than 13 digits, I'm having difficulty getting the data to display.  I know the data is there because the articles are available when using the "Select from list" option, or Searching one by one using the Custom Value list.


      Custom Value List seems to work fine with 13 digit Article IDs

      Custom Value List Works with 13 Digit Artilces.JPG

      Searching parts <13 digits can be found, but have to be searched 1 by 1, short part numbers do not display when the list is copy and pasted from Excel.

      Searching Individually, All Artilces Can be found.JPG

      I thought I could fix the problem by adding spaces to the end of part numbers to my list in Excel that were not 13 digits as this is how the part numbers display when exported to Excel from Tableau, but this did not fix my issue.


      Example "K192260001   "


      Custom Value List Doesn't Find Shorter Articles.JPG


      Any insights, recommendations, or potential solutions to the issue I'm encountering would be extremely appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,