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    ODBC Datasources - Single Table is OK- Custom SQL not

    Erik Marke Grossmann

      Dear all


      I am trying to get the ODBC connector to work with custom SQL, but I get always an error (DNS connection).

      The error does not occur if I just connect using a single table. then I am able to import the data into a tableau tde.

      But if I am selecting the same as single table then switch to custom SQL > select statement is formated with like this .... Select "table"."column1" from "table" ....

      not changing this at all and then select OK I receive the Error "Tableau was unable to generate a query to perform this operation. Unable to connect using the DSN named "DSRZDB2O". Check that the DSN  exists and is a valid connection."

      Again I did not change anything and the DSN mentione din the error msg is the same that worked fine with the single table test. So I really do not see what would be changed.

      Also I was wondering why the "custom sql" is format with table name and column in " ". If I would be using the ODBC connector via excel I can use native sql query such as "Select table.column1 form table" without the incl of "" for tbale and column names.