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    Incremental Extract using tabcmd

    Zach Buckner

      This is basically the same question as http://community.tableau.com/thread/126129, which was never resolved.


      I am trying to refresh an extract incrementally using tabcmd as part of a daily ETL script. The command I'm using is


      tabcmd refreshextracts -u <<user name>> -p <<password>> --workbook <<workbook name>> --no-certcheck --synchronous --timeout 2000 --incremental


      This fails with the error


      *** Workbook '<<workbook name>>' will not have its extracts incremented. Either there is no local data engine configured, or it does not rely on incrementable extracts, or it does but they have been disabled.


      My guess is that either 1) I need to specify the column that indicates which rows need to be updated, but this is not documented (tabcmd Commands) or 2) I need to configure the data source differently somehow.


      Please advise. Thanks!