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    How do I set year over year trend shapes for one column with numbers and percentages?

    Alex Dole



      I've recently encountered a challenge with showing year-over-year trends(trends in numbers and percentages).  In the attached workbook, the up and down arrows are tied to the number of people in a certain category increasing or decreasing.  There are cases in my workbook where the number of people will increase but their percentage of the overall population will stay the same or decrease (or the inverse).  Is there a way to have an arrow tied to each case while maintaining this type of format?  I was able to do this by creating a sheet based on percentages and a sheet based on numbers, but I need the format to look like the attached document.


      In the workbook, I would want a green arrow in 2011 next to the number of males, but an arrow showing no change next to the percentage of the population.  Currently the arrows adjust for both the number and percentage based on my calculation.  Appreciate any help.


      Thank you all!