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    Stuart Thomson

      Can someone describe the mechanics of updating an existing Tableau Worksheet from the Excel Worksheet. We already have the dashboard with 3-4 worksheets in place and working. However, we update the Excel worksheet every week. How does one reflect the changes from the modified Excel worksheet into the Tableau Worksheet then update that new sheet into Tableau Public?


      I did see a download worksheet from Tableau Public option, but did not see the reverse (upload changed worksheet to Tableau Public.) I would hope that you would not have to recreate everything from scratch just because the core underlying Excel data changed!?

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          Stuart Thomson

          I think there needs to be an update workbook option (from sourced Excel worksheet), so that the same charts/dashboard(s) can be re-utilized but with new(er) updated data from the same Excel worksheet. I'm just making a recommendation here to make it easier for "Productionizing" a dashboard and making it more dynamic and less of a static dashboard. Or, if this capability already exists, it is not clear to me how it's accomplished.

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            Ramon Martinez

            Hi Stuart,


            If your data source is updated with new data, the workbook will reflect that update as it is live connected to your data source. You can use F5 to refresh your workbook with the new data or right-click on data source and click on Refresh. You don't need to re-create your workbook


            Tableau Public has a particularity in this regards. Your data source is uploaded with your workbook to Tableau Public server, so the live connection to your original data source is missed, as the published workbook is connected to the source uploaded to tableau Public server.


            If your original data source is updated, you need to open your workbook, refresh your data and republish it to Tableau Public again.


            Note that this is just because your are using Tableau Public.  It is quite different if your are using Tableau Server, where all published workbook keeps a live connection to the data source. In this scenario, if data source is updated, the workbook will show the new data.


            I hope this helps,




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              Ramon Martinez, is it also possible to automatically push updates to Tableau public ?

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                Ramon Martinez

                Hi Paul,


                To my understanding, it is not possible.




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                  Stuart Thomson

                  Thanks Ramon. Your information is very helpful.


                  - Stuart

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                    Ramon Martinez

                    It is a pleasure Stuart to help you,


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                      Thanks for the information