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    Right Legend Mark not Aligning in Layout

    Phillip Burger

      I just noticed that the legend marks for the right, high-value end of the scale are not properly aligning for a legend in a workbook published to Tableau Public. The server here at work is currently being upgraded 8.1 and so I can't test this on my local Tableau Server.


      For both legend layout single row and legend layout multiple row, the right-hand value mark is not properly aligning. I've included three screenshots. The first is single row, then multiple row. The third screenshot shows the screenshot for the legend in Tableau Desktop 8.1).  A link to the workbook on Tableau Public is included near the bottom. When I download the workbook and open it in Tableau Desktop 8.1, the values align as expected. My question is at the bottom of this post.


      Legend layout multiple rows:


      Legend layout single row:



      The link to the workbook on Public is:


      Workbook: Billionaires


      Finally, here is the screenshot form Desktop 8.1 using legend layout multiple rows. Looks good



      The same behavior is present when viewing the workbook on Public using both Chrome and Firefox.


      Does this look like a bug? If not, any suggestions on how to control this behavior?