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    filter view when calculated field relies on entire view to be accurate

    Michelle Eich

      Hi all,

      Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.  I have a large view that shows as I'd like. It uses several calculated fields that rely upon one another to do so. It also requires the entire view to be shown so the calculations are done accurately. I'd like to filter on a field that's required in the calculation but as soon as I do, the calculations are based upon what's left after filtering and thus don't show the calculations correctly.


      Do I need to blend the data, use parameters or such to get it to filter at the level I need without losing the calculations being based upon the entire orignal "full" view?  For example there are over 25,000 companies (rows) in the view, but the end user would like to see the view just for 1 or 2 companies. As soon as I do that, filter down to 1 or 2 companies,   it assumes that all of the other information doesn't exist and computes calculations incorrectly just soley based on 1 or 2 companies in the view..   I need it to show the calculations for just 1 or 2 companies but the view needs to be based upon using the entire 25,000 companies.


      Hopefully this makes sense to someone. I'll try making a dummy workbook, but thought I'd ask the question first.