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    Show / Hide Quick Filter based on sheet selection in a dashboard

    Kuber Nagpal

      Situation : In one of our dashboards, we have two sheets in a single tiled container and the user can select which sheet should be visible based on parameter control. Using this process, there is just a single sheet available to the user at a time and new users need not even know that there are two sheets as the visible sheet takes up the entire container space.


      Complication : The complication we are facing here is that if both sheets have quick filters associated with them, the final dashboard would display all of the these quick filters irrespective of which sheet is visible. Filters corresponding to hidden sheets would not be enabled for the user but still visible to him / her.


      Question : Is there any way to show quick filters of only those sheets visible to the end-user? There are some workarounds that we thought of like hiding the title of the filters and keeping multi-select check boxes as the quick filters however, this solution does not always prove to be effective.


      Please let me know if you need further details regarding the problem above & thanks for your help.