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    Running calculation on total selection

    Darin Friedrichs


      I've got a workbook that has a simple calculation of  [Amount Shipped / Total Sales], so it reports what percent of the sales are shipped.


      It works fine when I'm just looking at one store, but it doesn't calculate when I look multiple.



      StoreShippedSalesCalculation % Shipped
      Store #15010050%
      Store #2100100010%


      So if I select both stores and I have SUM selected for the calculation I get a result of 60% (Store 1 at 10% + Store 2 at 50%) or if I do AVERAGE I get 30%. But I'm looking to see 150 divided by 1100 to get 13.6%


      So it's running the sum or average on the calculated field for each store,  instead of the total of the underlying data.


      Any ideas how to get this to run correctly?