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        Shawn Wallwork

        Unfortunately the dmp files are empty:




        Other suggestions? [I did upload the log.]



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          Cristian Vasile



          You could try to install process explorer from sysinternals (owned by microsoft) and see what is going on.

          Link : Process Explorer


          Hope this helps.




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          • 17. Re: Animation Discovery & Question...
            Jonathan Drummey

            FYI, I tested this on my machine Tableau 8.1 32 bit on Windows XP, I saw memory usage climb from 134MB to 151MB over three runs, it was about 8MB increase on the first run, 6MB on the second, and 3 on the third. No crash, while animating the CPU usage went up to 21-25% and then went back down to 0%.


            Shawn, I empathize with your frustration with interactions with the first layer/level of Tableau support (when I get into the Analytics queue or one of the other queues, things are great). Though I don't have hard data to prove it, one thing that seems to have helped in the last several months is that I get super-clear about what my expectation was when I was using Tableau and it did X (i.e. I hit the Play*** button expecting the viz to play through and Tableau crashed), and since it does do X what I want Tableau to do in order to clean up/fix the problem (Tableau shouldn't be crashing in the first place, if the viz is too big to render then Tableau should warn me in advance of hitting the Play button). And (given past frustrations) I will do things like test with Accelerated Graphics off before contacting support, and prophylactically send logs and dump files. It's definitely more effort than I'd like, and at the same time keeps my blood pressure lower when I'm not getting responses like the one you got that close out an issue before it's resolved to my satisfaction.

            *** One of the fascinating parts about this to me is that when using the Pages Shelf, Tableau does all the queries and most??? of the computation for the view _in advance_, so the memory leak seems like it's something about the Pages Shelf or rendering process.




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              Shawn Wallwork

              In this case I think a couple of videos will tell the story:












              Hope this helps.



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                Shawn Wallwork

                I like the 'be super-clear' suggestion Jonathan. I really don't get all that frustrated with support, because like I said, I never use them. Don't get me wrong, support did a super job by me especially when I was first starting out. I guess it's just lately I've had a lot better results with you Forum Folks.


                Cheers to all who helped me work through this. Hopefully 8.2 will play a bit nicer in the Windows neighborhood, at least when it comes to the Page shelf... and releasing unneeded, no longer needed resources.



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                  Allan Walker

                  Hi Shawn,


                  I tested it and the speeds are the same on my box.  8.1 64-bit.  Haswell i7 16GB RAM Win 7 64-bit Quad core with HT.


                  I wonder if Pages is actually building an array, or if it just reads the integer.  Maybe ask Dan or Bora.


                  I recently tested 1 day of GPX uploads (GPS)...just under a million rows...no problem with the animation/pages.  But, it used time to the second, rather than an int.

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