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    Histogram of calculated field

    Alexis E

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to have a histogram for a measure that depends on a parameter. Unfortunately Tableau doesn't seem to allow me to do this (the histogram symbol is greyed-out).


      In the attached twbx, I have a histogram of precincts by median income. Ideally, I would not want income but I would want the variable used in the map (i.e. "Map Variable".)


      Any way to do this?

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          Andrew Ball

          You could manually create the bins yourself fairly easily.

          The issue you will have is that the Bin sizes change depending on what variable you are displaying. You may need to do something that includes using a table calc to find out what the max is for that variable, divide it by 10, say, then use that for the bin size.

          Could end up a bit tricky.


          The other option is to create as many charts as you have variables, then hide all but one at any time.