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    using a graphic filter to change a calculated field

    Ian Pytlarz

      I feel like I'm close, but I need some help. Here's what I want to do. See how I temporarily have two charts in there, one for each of the levels of breakdowns? I'd like to use the filter graph in the upper left to allow that to work as one chart. So if no student level is selected, it shows the Undergrad-Grad-Professional breakdown, and if one of those is selected it breaks that section down, for instance, into Freshman-Sophomore-etc.


      I've made a calculated field to do a window sum of the distinct count of the 'classificattion' variable, setting it to 1 if it is over 7 (meaning they currently have 'all' selected and we should be charting at the high level). This works fine. Now, I need to make a calculated field that uses 'classification_level' if isAllSelected is 1, and 'Classification' if it is 0. Tableau hates this, since isAllSelected isn't a parameter I'm mixing aggregate and non-aggregate stuff. I feel like I've set it up in such a way that each record has a '1' if there are enough fields present in the view, though, so it should be able to do this.


      What am I missing?