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    use of tableau refreshextract with a .tde file?

    PD Service Account

      Hi -- I am very new to Tableau and am helping set up an automated refresh workflow for several datasources.  The workflow starts with an ETL and ends in updated datasources on Tableau Online (we are not currently using Tableau Server).  I have figured out how to use the `tableau refreshextract` command, and I've figured out how to generate .tde files using the Data Extract API.  But I am not sure how to make use of the .tde files during a refresh, or if that is even necessary.  Currently when the `tableau refreshextract` command is run, a .csv file is supplied via the `--original-file` argument.  This argument does not appear to accept a .tde file, even if the datasource was originally published to Tableau Online using a .tde file.


      My questions:

      • Is there any reason in this context to do the additional work of generating the .tde files?  Are the .csv files translated into TDE's upon running of the `tableau refreshextract` command without doing anything special?
      • If .tde files would be useful (e.g., improving performance), is there a way to refresh using the .tde file instead of the .csv file?

      Any help you can provide is appreciated.

      Eric Walker