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    Hi there!


      Hey everyone,


      Just thought I'd try and generate some discussion on here . I'm interested to know everyone's Tableau experience so far.


      1. How are you using Tableau
      2. How well has it been received in your companies
      3. Any interesting use cases/issues/ideas you've had


      I'll start;


      I work for a company who provide a mobile device passive measuring tool (we look at how people use smart phones). In the last 6 months we've gone from SQL Server with reporting services to an Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse with Tableau sat on top. It's been a steep learning curve on the Redshift side but our transition to Tableau has been relatively smooth, even though Tableau Server is sat on an unsupported (by Tableau) EC2  instance.


      We're getting a lot of interest in our analytics platform from customers (many of whom use Tableau for other purposes) and we've been able to do some really cool viz's to date. I've done a presentation about the best way to set up Tableau Server on EC2 with Redshift connectivity if anyone is interested in the specifics ;-)