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    tableau server 8.1  (Problem with xampp)

    Chandra Shekhar Jain



      Facing a unique problem with Tableau Server 8.1 (Did not face it when we were working on Tableau Server 8.0 along with XAMPP)


      I have installed the Tableau Server 8.1 and XAMPP in my windows server.

      Assigned port 8000 to Tableau Server.

      The XAMPP is assigned the default port 80.


      The problem is apache port 80 in xampp is being overriden by port 8000 (Assigned to Tableau Server) as soon as Tableau Server is started. As a result we are unable to run/browse the PHP Application

      The images below show the XAMPP control panel when Tableau Server is running and when Tableau Server has been stopped.


      Have installed this in a temporary Amazon server instance. In case you require the credentials please write to me.

      When Tableau Server Running:



      When Tableau Server is Stopped:


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Chandra -


          Tableau Server runs an instance of Apache Web Server for our own use.  We expect the only instance of httpd on the box to be "ours", so maybe the startup configuration of "our" httpd is somehow impacting xampp? You're running a


          If I had to figure this out on my own, I would find the httpd.conf file for EACH copy of httpd. Tableau's is generally here c:\programdata\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\config\httpd.conf


          Find the one for your instance of apache and compare the two when Tableau Server is started vs. when Tableau Server has stopped. Are the values in "your" copy changing? Specifically, is the "Listen" property changing?


          Maybe there's some sort enviornmental variable in play that is allowing "our" code to find "your" copy of httpd.conf and modify it, thinking it is ours.


          This could be difficult to figure out, because you're not running a configration (two instances of apache on the same machine) that we'd really consider a best practice - we don't test for this.


          Good luck!

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            Chandra Shekhar Jain

            Thanks Russell, If you have any other inputs will appreciate it.


            Running two instances of Apache on the same box may not be considered a good practice, however, what is strange is that we did not face this issue in 8.0. We have an instance where it runs very well using 8.0


            The use case is that we run an ETL using XAMPP on the same box so that refreshes could be quicker. (Or atleast we thought this was smart when we started)




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              Chandra Shekhar Jain



              We put the XAMPP and Server on Different Partitions (Drives) of the same box.

              The problem stopeed.