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    When working with a dashboard built on blended extract data how can I preserve the true total of a measure?

    Matt Ellement

      In a dashboard I have built I am using an action to filter a related dashboard. When the user selects a project the action will drill down to several specific stats about that project. The only issue I am having is when I do that the "project hours as a percent of total project hours" in hours is always 100% because my equation sum([Hours]) / TOTAL(SUM([Project Hours])) ends up filtering to the single project ([Project Hours] is a renamed duplicate of [Hours]). As I mentioned I am working with an extract so the RAWSQL function won't work, I cannot afford to duplicate my data and then remove the relationships as many worksheets on my dash rely on these relationships to function, and I have establishes a calculated field using the lookup function, but I cannot get it to work properly in my action. Does anyone have an easier solution?