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        Dan Huff



        The investigation is well under way on our end. From here on out, it will likely be most efficient to communicate with our Support Team via your open case about the urgency of the matter for you and your colleagues.


        Again, my apologies for the frustration this is causing. I want to reassure all of you that this is being tracked down. Several developers have been tracking this down since this morning.



        • 16. Re: Some data being parsed incorrectly from SalesForce
          Dan Huff

          Peter Franzen Nicholas Abbott Philip Nieman


          Hello again everyone--


          I just wanted to close the loop on this and make sure that you all know that we released new versions of Desktop and Server to address the data corruption issue. Tableau 8.1.2 contains fixes for Salesforce to force full refreshes of extracts that we think may have been corrupted. Extracts created in 8.1.2 will be marked as correct so that we know going forward that their is no corrupt data within the extract.


          I cannot apologize enough for the frustration this issue caused. Furthermore, I cannot thank you all enough for bringing this to our attention.


          Please feel free to work with your support rep if you have further questions about the issue or reply to me here.





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