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    Dynamic Title based on Quick-Filter

    Ayman Teradata

      Hi guys,


      I just wanted to add a small hint and trick. If you are creating a dynamic title which is based on a quick filter, the title should display all values selected in your filter. However, if you use the quick-filter field in your sheet pane (columns/rows/marks) then the title will only show the values for the field returned on the pane and not all values selected in the quick-filter (i.e. if a value in the quick-filter has no matching records then it is not displayed in the title).


      In order to go around this and display all quick-filter items in the title do the following:-


      1- Make a new Quick filter on a field (preferably a separate lookup table field for possible values).

      2- Use this quick-filter name in the title as a dynamic field.

      3- Make another copy of the field (or use a different source of the same field than the lookup table, i.e. the same field from the detailed table source)

      4- Use the field from step 3 (i.e. a different dimension or measure than the one used in the quick filter, however storing the same data) onto the sheet pane (columns/rows/marks)


      If you separate the quick-filter field in the title from the field used in the sheet, then the title will show all values selected in the quick-filter and not only the values actually found and returned.