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    Calculating Percentages

    Paul Ozule

      There is probably an easy fix, but i can't figure it this out. The percentage calculated by Tableau is wrong 696/3275 is not 52.06%.

      My self -service count is calculated as

      IF IFNULL([Column20], "") = [Column20]


      IF [CallCompletionCode]="N"

      THEN [CallCount]

      ELSEIF [CallCompletionCode]="H"

      THEN [CallCount]

      ELSEIF [CallCompletionCode]="X"

      THEN [CallCount]

      ELSEIF [CallCompletionCode]="C"

      THEN [CallCount]

      ELSE 0




      And self service %  is ([Self-Service Count]/[CallCount]). So i don't know what's happening. Thanks