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    Excel Document Headers Names Changed!

    Brandon Avants

      I've got these great tableau dashboards built.  Imagine it, 2 months of work, the most perfect dashboards you have ever created.  OK got that image?  Ok the dashboards was even better than that image. 


      I was given some new data and was told that I couldn't have spaces in the collumn identifers anymore.  We'll I could change all 50 of them each time there is a pull in excel or I could rename them in Tableau.  Please tell me there is an easy way to say cabin class is now cabinclass.

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          Aaron Clancy

          I don't believe there is a one click "easy" way but I think there's a somewhat easy way.

          This is a touchy scenario because you're going to try to connect to a new schema that doesn't match your old (Which breaks everything)


          if you can, try these steps on a copy of your workbook and let me know if it works

          1. With the workbook open, right click on your data source and Edit Connection.

          2. select your new excel workbook with the new schema.(The "Browse" button)

          3. select the table/excel sheet you want from the list


          4. change your connection type to "Custom SQL"

          5. Add the spaces back in the field aliases  (field names after the "AS" )

          Should look something like this

          SELECT [Orders$].[City] AS [City],

            [Orders$].[CustomerID] AS [Customer ID],

            [Orders$].[CustomerName] AS [Customer Name],

            [Orders$].[CustomerSegment] AS [Customer Segment].........



          This should make your data layer match the new schema, while retaining the old schema at the semantic layer.


          Let me know if that helps

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            Shawn Wallwork

            I've skipped reading Aaron's answer (sorry Aaron), because no matter what he says, I say: Yes! A question with personality, a lot of fun, even a story! Wow! Brandon I'm posting this and immediately going to your profile page and following you. Thanks for adding a bit of fun to today's forums.



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              Brandon Avants

              Arron Clancy I will try that and I knew I remember seeing something like that.  I just couldn't for the life of me figure it out.  Thanks, I'm positive that will work!



              Seriously Aaron?  I know you!  Thanks for the help....AGAIN

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                Brandon Avants



                You're a hoot.  Since you like my weird humor I'll let you know what flew through my head when I read your reply...."SWEET Daddy do I have a follower!"  What that exactly means I don't even know.


                But that being said welcome to my fan club....of two--you and me baby. 

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                  Shawn Wallwork

                  Yo Yo Yo, we be!



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