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    Anyone Using Maps in Interesting Ways?

    Matt Lutton

      Curious if anyone has created any interesting education-related maps in Tableau.  If you have any cool examples you want to post screenshots of, or public workbooks are even better.  Also, feel free to link to any really cool map dashboards you've found on the web if you like.



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          Margi Neve

          We are just starting to work on a report.  We have geocoded all our addresses in our SIS.  On the map we want to outline the boundaries for the different schools (by level - HS, MS, ES), but then put a dot for each student based on where they live.  THEN we want to color code the dots based on proficiency levels for each state assessment.


          Like I said........just starting, but this is where we are headed.  Anyone else using maps?  We are having a little issue finding a GOOD map of our area that can be used in Tableau.

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            Matt Lutton

            WOW, finally, a response!


            I was attempting to do something very similar.  I wanted polygons for school districts as a background layer, then I wanted to plot student addresses on top of that to compare their home school district to the charter school they are attending with us.  However, I have not found a good way to plot the addresses on top of district polygons.


            If you have any insight or want to discuss this or anything else Tableau/EDU related, I am always open to it.



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              eric Ortega

              Hello my name is eric ortega and I am from Mexico City I am working with micro academic trajectories of students enrolled from grade kindergarten through third grade to high school, to detect all possible academic paths and know which is the pattern repeated more, if you know what the pattern where the student is given the final floor unfinished basic education, attack and identify factors that affect or contribute to the student stops attending school, using tableau can see state of the Mexican Republic has a greater concentration of students who fit that pattern and anticipate that students stop studying.