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    Some data being parsed incorrectly from SalesForce

    Peter Franzen

      I'm demoing Tableau Desktop right now and I have an odd issue with a SalesForce data connection.


      When I pull information from the Opportunities table most of it is imported into Tableau correctly-- dates and string fields come in just fine.  There is a column called 'Amount' though that is not being brought in correctly: if I have an Opportunity (sale) with an amount of $50.00 it is being read by Tableau as $0.50.  Every single row is being mis-read by a factor of 100.


      I can confirm that the data is being imported incorrectly by exporting the underlying rows from this field and cross-checking it with the actual SalesForce data.  Every row exhibits this issue.


      Is there a way to manually adjust how Tableau is parsing the data in this column when it connects to SalesForce?  Is this a known issue?



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