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    Action Filter behavior changes after first use.

    Nicolas Meakins

      I have the need to select some filters within visual displays on an initial dashboard and then once the user prompts, display a cross tab using those filters selected in another sheet or dashboard.


      The challenge I had was when creating the action filter, as soon as the first selection was made, the view would change to the crosstab sheet. I got around this by instead adding that worksheet to a dashboard and not publishing it. That way the selections will filter the data in the background and then once all selections are made the user can choose to view the cross tab. Bear in mind this only works once uploaded onto the server.


      The problem I run into is that while this works perfectly on the first selection(s) and viewing of the cross tab, as soon as I try and go back to the main dashboard and make a different selection the cross tab (sheet) is immediately shown. I'm guessing this has something to do with the fact that the cache now holds the worksheet in question and it automatically displays that. Does anybody know of an alternat method or work around to get this completed?


      I have attached a packaged workbook: In order to replicate the issue you will need to publish Dashboard1 and Dashboard2 only.