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    Controlling zoom control level scale/sensitivity

    Sanjin Matusan

      We are using Tableau filled maps (created wit tabgeohack) to represent data on our map (green regions) and geoserver for serving background map. This all works ok, but I would like to have smoother zoom levels. Here are pictures to help me explain:


      1) zoom level 1.jpg – this is default zoom for my map

      2) zoom level 2.jpg – that get generated by Tableau (and geoserver in background) when user click on minus button on Tableau map zoom control


      The problem is that zoom level 2 map has too big zoom level (not very user friendly). Is it possible to configure such thing?


      Thanks in advance.



      Zoom level 1


      zoom level 1.jpg


      Zoom level 2

      zoom level 2.jpg