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    Quick Filter null values on blending data sources

    Egor Ushakov

      Let's assume a pretty simple data source (actually one of MySQL database views) representing a meetings that have 'Status' attribute. This attribute has three allowable values "Held", "NotHeld" and "Planned".


      Now, I would like to display a Quick Filter on a Tableau view to allow users to choose/filter meetings needed. Pretty simple, right? But the problem is that my users would like to see Quick Filter values translated into Russian.


      The most simple solution is to place Status pill on Mark shelf to get access to "Edit aliases..." context menu. But what if the number of statuses increases from three to thirteen values?


      I tried to use blending data sources using pasted one I created in MS Excel. But when I try to place a StatusValue pill onto Filter shelf Tableau "generates" null value and replicate it to Quick Filter shelf as well.

      As you can see original data source has no null values for Status field. So what is the reason null value is "generated" while playing with Filter shelf?


      And the second question: do you know some other techniques to translate/map raw database values into desired language a little bit more "dynamically" then dealing with aliases?

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