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    Dustin & Tracy, This is working well...

    Shawn Wallwork

      Now that we've lived with the New Community Front page for awhile, I wanted to let you know it is working very well:


      Front Page.png


      Ease of Use: 10

      Clarity: 10

      Design: 8.5


      Thanks for this.



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          Dustin Smith

          Thanks Shawn!  Really appreciate this.


          Your 8.5 on the design side is generous.   I want something better for the icons, but for a v1 they have served their purpose.


          Tracy and I consider this a step in the right direction, but by no means a completed task.  Navigation and design are something we really feel we can do better.

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            Shawn Wallwork

            Dustin I'm glad you and Tracy are always striving for a better forums, but do take a moment and realize what you've accomplished lately. Stop.... Listen. What do your hear? The noise has died down. Folks seem to be reasonably happy with the forums (at least I am). You should give each other a high-five or do a Steve Martin Happy Feet dance -- you really have turned the corner. And you are allowed to graciously accept a compliment.




            [The Happy Feet link is provided for all who don't realize "happy feet" was a Steve Martin creation that has absolutely nothing to do with penguins.]