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    Forbidden Action error: Dashboard with published datasource not visible

    viraj gholap



      We have 2 servers for Tableau and all the settings are same on both.


      Case 1: Published data source 1 on server 1. Built a dashboard using this published data source and published the dashboard. I or other users can view the dashboard. No issues.


      Case 2: Published same data source on server 2. Built a dashboard using this published data source. Then published the dashboard. No one is able to view the dashboard. Even system admin can not view.


      Case 3: However, on server 2, if I embed the data source along with the dashboard and publish the dashboard, all works just fine. Everyone can access the dashboard.


      This is strange behaviour. PFA the screenshot for case 2.


      I read through the admin guide and other articles and checked double checked the permissions but no luck.


      We are using active directory authentication and automatic login is enabled.


      Any help is appreciated..