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    Joining existing data tables?


      Okay...I'm sure this is a simple one, but very new to Tableau. I've searched for an answer for a while, but can't find the solution.


      I just upgraded to 8.1 and now I'm getting these warning messages:


      "The primary and secondary connections are from tables in the same data source. Instead of linking the connections, use the Data menu to join the data. Joins can integrate data from many tables and my improve performance and filtering."


      Okay...I'm all for this, but I have no idea how to do it. I do know how to do a join when I add new data sources from scratch, but can't seem to figure out how to do it with existing data connections. If I right-click a data source, the Edit Tables option is greyed out, which I thought would be how I would create a join.


      Of note, the tables it's telling me to join are from Google Analytics (imported with a direct connection). I have other tables from text files that don't have the Edit Tables option greyed out.


      Can someone point me in the direction of an article or a little guidance on how to join these two tables?