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    Treemap: filter differently on size and colours


      Hello everyone, I'm new of tableau. Here I go with my question: let say that I have a table which columns are: Team, Country, Rank. I have 500 values.


      Now I want a tree map which filters by country and where the size of the rectangle is given by count(Rank) but the colour is given by the count on the first 100 values of the column Rank.



      In this case let say that I have 100 Spanish teams, 100 Italian teams, 100 English teams, but in the first 100 there are 10 Italians, 15 english, 20 spanish. In this case I would see the rectangle related to the three countries of the same size but of different colour.


      I don't know how to apply the selection on the colours. If I add the measure "Rank" among the filters then this affect also the size mark.


      I hope I made myself pretty clear. Thank you for your help.